image showing Simonne Cormier

My name is Simonne Cormier. I’m a breast cancer survivor and the proud founder of Au Naturel Solutions Inc.

After my lumpectomy, my doctor advised that, if I chose to use one, I wear a breast prosthesis made with natural fibres. Easier said than done! I couldn’t find one anywhere.

After some research and advice, I settled for a “puff” prosthesis constructed with a polyester outer shell and fill, with a cotton layer against the skin.

  • I did not find it comfortable.
  • It didn’t breathe—and it made me overheat, prompting hot flashes and sweating. It made me itchy and moved around in my bra.
  • I had to find another solution.

As I researched other options, I was shocked to find out how many chemicals and toxins are in various materials and how they come in contact with our skin; it made me wonder if our clothing may be causing some of our illnesses in the first place.

Research and the Challenge

My search continued for two years. I checked countless specialty stores for mastectomy bras and products to see if any all-natural products were available. One specialist told me to make my own—followed by “Good luck with that.”

I took that as a challenge. 

I wanted a breast prosthesis that:

  • Was made of natural materials
  • Felt soft and comfortable
  • Wouldn’t irritate the skin
  • Was lightweight 

I approached a natural fibre mill to find what materials would have those properties, and they gave me some materials I could try. Using my polyester puff as a model, I dusted off my sewing machine and constructed a rudimentary handcrafted breast prosthesis.

After wearing it for a very short period of time, it was clear I was onto something. I no longer experienced hot flashes like before; my breast’s skin did not get hot, and the prosthesis did not smell bad between washings.

My all-natural external breast prosthesis worked so perfectly for me, I knew I had to bring my innovation to the marketplace to bring comfort and confidence to others.

And so I did.

After years of research, trial and error and refusing to give up, I’m happy to offer you an all-natural solution—the Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external breast prosthesis!

To purchase one of our natural external breast prostheses, order here.