OOPS! I Washed My Prosthesis!

Woman looking horrified! oops! She made a mistake!

One would think that I, the inventor, the founder and CEO of Au Naturel Solutions, would know better. Alas, during a laundry frenzy, I carelessly threw in my garments without double-checking them. Little did I know that my Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external all-natural breast prostheses was in there too! It wasn't until later that I discovered it had gone through both the washer and dryer cycles.

This is the result:

shriveled breast prosthesis that was in the washer and dryer.  Looks like a dried up prune.

The heating and tumbling felted the fleece that was in the prosthesis. This is the same process that creates wool dryer balls. Once it has been in the dryer, it is not useable as a prosthesis.

Don’t throw it away!
You can use it as a dryer ball or a non-toxic chew toy for your dog.
Let us know what other ways you can recycle your shrunken prosthesis!

However, if you catch it right out of the washer, you may be able to fix it so it is still usable. If you notice it before it goes to the dryer, you may avoid the felting, especially if you had it in the delicate cycle.

If this happens to you, we urge you to order a new prosthesis so that you can enjoy all the benefits of your prosthesis, and you may still be able to use your damaged prosthesis while you wait for your new one!

The Fix

If your prosthesis becomes compacted due to the washer's spin cycle, try soaking it in warm water with a small amount of hair conditioner. It's possible that some of the fleece may have become intertwined with the felted fleece, so be careful not to damage the felted part by pulling at too many individual strands.

After removing the loose fleece, rinse the outer shell and the fleece, and set them aside on a flat mesh surface to dry.  If your prosthesis is inside out, turn it back in, place the outer shell of your prosthesis between a folded dry towel, then gently compress with the palm of your hand to remove moisture and let it air dry. Once the fleece is dry, use your hands or a comb to separate it.

Of course, I could have prevented any damage if I had noticed my prosthesis before it went into the washer and dryer.

So I urge you to check your laundry!

Check out our Care Instructions to learn how to care for your Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external all-natural breast prostheses.


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