Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™

First patented, all-natural handcrafted breast prosthesis 

Au Naturel Solutions Inc. is proud to be the first company to introduce a patented, all-natural handcrafted breast prosthesis to the marketplace, filling a need for those looking for a natural alternative. 


To provide an all-natural prosthesis for people who need it, addressing their comfort issues, and building confidence in themselves and our products.

If you need a breast prosthesis, we believe you should have access to an all-natural product that empowers you to feel confident and comfortable, with total freedom of choice. A product that simply works the way you need it to every time you wear it.

image showing a happy young woman on a beach


To make the best breast prosthesis possible and make it available to everyone who needs it.


  • Comfort
  • Confidence
  • Wellness
  • Empowerment
  • Earth

We believe everyone should feel —physically and emotionally—comfortable as they journey through life. We value being so comfortable; that we don’t even think about our prostheses. 

Some of us women have grown up believing that confidence is a negative thing, that it means we’re conceited or vain. That’s not true. We value being confident in our skin and the space we take up in the world. 

When you survive cancer, you understand how much you want to live. We only get one body in this lifetime, and we believe we should treat it as kindly as possible.

Everyone deserves to be informed and have choices. Whatever a person feels is the best choice for them is the best choice for them.

We empower breast cancer survivors, individuals with natural or surgical asymmetry, and transgender persons by offering a natural option in breast prostheses.

 Our founder has an intergenerational appreciation for nature which she has passed along to her children and has reflected in her product. We believe we all have to do our part to ensure the earth remains healthy. We are mindful of our carbon footprint with every decision we make—from sourcing our materials to manufacturing our products.

Comfort builds confidence - and when you’re confident, it shows!