Our Tagline: Comfort Builds Confidence

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The Importance of Being Comfortable

When Brian Tracy, a Canadian motivational speaker, was quoted

“The comfort zone is the great enemy of courage and confidence.”

I don't think he has ever heard the schlup, schlup of a breast prosthesis’ suction against his sweaty skin as he walks across the stage to the microphone, or the feeling of concern as one breast shifts awkwardly as he moves about, or even wondered how uncomfortable he would become as an unexpected hot flash suddenly hit him suddenly - out of nowhere.

As a breast cancer survivor, you know you have been thrust out of the comfort zone that your life once held. You know it takes all the courage you can muster to meet the new challenges presented, the exhaustion from treatment protocols, and the unknowns you will face as you regain a new sense of normalcy.

Once the immediate crisis is over and your hair grows back, you realize you have learned a new vocabulary, met new friends, discovered new passions, and have a new outlook on life, some good and some not so good. You view your life with a new perspective, analyzing the products you once took for granted, like the deodorants, perfume, hair products, clothing materials, cleaning products and food items you used. You become aware of the hidden hormone disruptors, what it means to you and where they lie, understanding how crucial these decisions are to living your best life. You also know the "comfort zone" can be a false sense of security.

When you find what makes you feel physically comfortable, you unlock the key to presenting yourself to the world confidently. Acceptance of the radical changes your body has undergone shows in the scars and limitations that are now present; overcoming these challenges before you can be overwhelming. Whatever your choice, breast implants, external breast prostheses, or to go flat, the decision is yours. The goal is to find out what is best for you; what you choose should cause no additional discomfort, i.e. sore shoulders, irritated skin, odd smells or worse. The result should be to have your clothes fit better and makes you look and feel great. You want to walk tall, head held high, and look someone straight in the eye.

I mean, who doesn’t??

While “The comfort zone is the great enemy of courage and confidence.” can be true, it is also true that comfort can and does build confidence.

That is why our company tagline is “Comfort Builds Confidence.” We offer an all-natural solution that enables clothes to drape beautifully and feels fantastic to wear, to be present, comfortable, and confident in their life.