Balancing Beauty: Discovering Solutions for Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry: balancing beauty

Were you aware that Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external breast prostheses are a great solution for breast asymmetry! In case you didn't know breast asymmetry refers to a condition in which a woman's breasts have noticeable differences in size, shape, position, or volume.

It is pretty common for women to have some degree of breast asymmetry, with normal variations. However, when the differences are more pronounced, it can cause aesthetic concerns or even physical discomfort for some individuals.

Here are some key points about breast asymmetry:

Natural Variation: It's important to note that almost no woman has perfectly symmetrical breasts. Minor differences in size or shape are pretty common and often go unnoticed.

Causes: Breast asymmetry can occur due to various factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, developmental differences during puberty, trauma or injury to the breast, breastfeeding, pregnancy, or even underlying medical conditions. In some cases, the exact cause may be unknown.

Types of Asymmetry: Breast asymmetry can manifest in different ways. For example, one breast may be larger or smaller than the other or have varying shapes, positions, or nipple placement. The asymmetry can affect the breasts' volume, height, width, or projection.

Emotional and Physical Impact: Significant breast asymmetry can cause some individuals emotional distress and body image concerns. They may feel self-conscious, leading to a decrease in self-esteem and confidence. Physical discomfort or difficulty finding well-fitting bras or clothing may also arise.

Discovering an empowering solution is a personal journey!  

While coming to terms with and accepting your body as it is is a viable solution, other suitable options are available depending on the severity and impact on an individual's life.

While breast asymmetry is common, consult a medical professional to rule out any underlying health concerns (especially if it is a sudden change) and explore suitable treatment options if desired.

Surgical procedures such as breast reduction, augmentation, or breast lift are possible solutions. External solutions like padded bras, inserts or specialized clothing can help create the appearance of symmetry. 

Our solution, Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ external all-natural breast prostheses, is such an option and works for mild to severe asymmetry.  Surgical procedures such as breast reduction, breast augmentation, or breast lift are also possible.

Choosing the Right Size

To select the right prosthesis size, refer to our size chart that determines the band and cup size based on the larger breast.  Unless the difference between breast sizes is more than 50%, we suggest you use a partial prosthesis; above 50% choose a full prosthesis. 

Since our prostheses are easily customizable, adjusting the amount and placement of fleece takes minimal effort.